MiniLoo Vanlust Edit. composting toilet DIY kit

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Our urine-diverting dry toilet MiniLoo
Our urine-diverting dry toilet MiniLoo
The MiniLoo used for seating
technical data


- Wooden parts: 8mm birch plywood, untreated

- Toilet seat: 15mm birch plywood varnished

- partition insert: ABS plastic

- Metal parts: V2A stainless steel

Length 38,40 cm
Width 33,70 cm
Height 44,50 cm

- separator insert with high-gloss finish

- high quality and robust finish

- load capacity toilet seat up to 150 kg

- magnetic toilet seat

- can be used as a stool

- exclusive design

Item weight: 8,70  kg

Shipping weight: 10,30 kg

- approx. 23 uses (liquid)

- approx. 12 uses (solid)

MiniLoo Vanlust Edit. composting toilet DIY kit

Kildwick MiniLoo
If only you could hear the camper van enthusiasts from extolling the virtues of the Kildwick MiniLoo, you´d definitely hear them cheering! Unfortunately, you can´t hear them here (yet), but you can still catch them every Monday on your favourite podcast player!
The MiniLoo Special Edition DIY kit featuring an outdoor motorhome design, designed exclusively for what is probably the most popular German-language vanlife podcast, is exclusively available here. Its landscape motif summing up everything that makes vanlifers happy was originally drawn painstakingly by hand.
Mind you, it´s not just the exterior of our special edition but the entire Kildwick MiniLoo concept that reflects the theme of the podcast and the concerns of all those travellers who handle their ´output´ responsibly. After all, as well as being truly stylish, our MiniLoo is quite simply the ultimate ecological toilet for any camper van as it doesn´t require water, chemicals or electricity. It can be emptied virtually anywhere, anytime. And yet the Kildwick MiniLoo Special Edition fits into even in the smallest motorhome. It´s tiny, light, and a real eye-catcher thanks to its unique design. Say goodbye to your folding spade, because things will be nice and cosy now when you answer the call of nature!
Mogli - head of, Life of Balu and Camper Nomads – has already installed a Kildwick MiniLoo in his Volkswagen LT, nicknamed Balu. He adores it, and shudders with horror whenever he recalls the chemical toilet he used to have.
In a nutshell, the Kildwick MiniLoo is small, light, ecological, and supports your independence due to its unsurpassed emptying flexibility. What’s more, it looks incredible!

* For all those who aren’t yet familiar with the podcast by, it’s certainly worth a listen! The Vanlust team produces fascinating weekly podcasts full of useful information on the subject of conscious travelling.
Facts and figures about the MiniLoo:

Just like the EasyLoo, the body of the MiniLoo is made out of laser-cut birch plywood, guaranteeing a perfect fit. Our ingenious interlocking kit system can support the heaviest of users despite being smaller, compacter and lighter than the EasyLoo. To be precise, trials have confirmed that the seat can withstand a weight of 200kg while the wooden lid holds up to 100kg.
With a height of 43,80 cm (including the lid), the MiniLoo delivers excellent seating comfort. Thanks to its reduced dimensions (it´s 33.70 cm wide and 39.60 cm deep excluding the urine separator), the MiniLoo fits into tiny spaces. Since the rounded part of the separator protrudes 2.0cm, the MiniLoo is completed by a specially designed seat. Made from birch multiplex, the comfortable toilet seat provides the durability and stability required. The surface of the seat has been coated with durable varnish for easy, hygienic cleaning.
In contrast to the EasyLoo, the lid of the MiniLoo is part of the body, the two being connected by stainless steel hinges. The advantage is that the MiniLoo attractively blends into any environment. And with its soft cushion on the top, the MiniLoo can also be used as an additional seat.
Like the EasyLoo, a wide plastic surround forms the base for the actual separator, which can easily be kept very clean. Like all other Kildwick urine separators, it’s made from high quality recyclable polystyrene and is suitable for women, men and children.
What makes Kildwick products so innovative is that they´re thought out down to the smallest detail. For example, instead of screws, nails or hinges, our MiniLoo separator is held onto the body by four super-strong neodymium magnets (but please note our safety instructions!). With the magnets screwed to the body, the stainless steel metal plates screwed to the underside of the MiniLoo separator keep it firmly in position. This pioneering design feature (well, we´d hate to hide our light under a bushel!) allows the canisters to be effortlessly emptied from above.
We realize that many other manufacturers offer models with emptying options on the side, but this is highly impractical. Don´t forget that when a composting toilet is used in a tight space, every centimetre counts! The solution to this problem is top emptying. With the Kildwick MiniLoo, simply pull the separator off the magnets in order to comfortably reach the urine canister and the solids container. This also means both sides of the urine separator can be easily cleaned.
To remove the separator from the magnets without difficulty, a specially developed knob has been fitted. Briefly turning the knob quickly disconnects the separator from the magnets.
Talking about the inner workings of the Kildwick MiniLoo, the urine canister has the usual 9.5-litre capacity - the same as the EasyLoo and, when used by two people, sufficient for about two or three days. The solids container has the same volume (slightly smaller than the EasyLoo), which should be enough for about four to six days for two users.
As usual with Kildwick, the DIY MiniLoo kit comes with everything you need for easy assembly: high-quality wood glue, galvanized nails, and a 2.5mm Allen wrench (hex key). The assembly instructions can be found on our support page - just scan the QR code on the packaging or the envelope. All you need in addition is a hammer while a 10mm spanner would also be useful (but isn´t essential) - and away you go!
Brass sleeves for the lid hinges are pre-fitted (like on the EasyLoo), as are the hinges for the stylish MiniLoo toilet seat. And all the necessary screws are naturally included in the DIY kit.

So what are you waiting for? Get building your Mini composting toilet! After all, small is beautiful!

We show all the special features of the brand new MiniLoo in our product video. 

Want to know how easy it is to assemble your MiniLoo? Then follow this link to the assembly instructions.

Care instructions:

The MiniLoo dry separating toilet housing ist made of glued birch plywood. We recommend oiling or varnishing the housing inside and out. Otherwise, the wood ages quickly due to environmental effects. Humidity level changes in winter and summer or damp ground can have possibel negative effects. In order to enjoy your MiniLoo for a long time, we recommend varnishing or oiling it al least one every two earys.

Attention cleaning instructions:


All our dividers are made of recyclable polystyrene. Please do not use aggressive cleaners such as "Chlorix", spirit, power cleaner or acidic, solvent-based cleaners. These can attack the surface of the Kildwick separation insert and can lead to damage (depending on the amount of solvent in the cleaner). We recommend ecological or biological cleaners, such as "beeta" beetroot cleaners Simply spray the divider with it and wipe it out with a tissue, kitchen roll or our recyclable sponge cloth. You can also dispose it of immediately in the solid container.

Let's take a look at the MiniLoo's big brother! Here is the Kildwick EasyLoo. This is also available with a fan set.

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Super Qualität, schönes Design

Wir haben das MiniLoo für unseren alten Eriba Triton gekauft, da es aufgrund der Maße ohne bauliche Veränderungen in den Waschschrank passt. Die Qualität des Bausatzes ist großartig, alles passt wunderbar ineinander und der Zusammenbau ist ein Kinderspiel. Wir sind begeistert und das Design der Vanlust-Edition ist richtig schön...

5 from 5
Sehr wertig und schön anzusehen

Der Bausatz ist ja nicht gerade preiswert aber definitiv sein Geld wert.
Qualitativ hochwertig verarbeitet und leicht zu montieren.
Wir wollten ursprünglich das WC im Schrank verschwinden lassen, nachdem wir aber festgestellt haben dass die Geruchsentwicklung quasi nicht vorhanden ist und das WC Gut aussieht, wird dieses nun auch als Sitzplatz genutzt. Kaufinteressenten würde ich empfehlen noch das Kildwick Spillguard Kit mit zu bestellen, damit ist dann die eventuelle Geruchsquelle der Flüssigstoffe Geschichte.

Total entries: 2