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DIY composting toilet: your DIY adventure

Build your own freedom! With our high-quality DIY composting toilet kits you can assemble your compost toilet yourself. This is not only cheaper, but also a lot of fun and guaranteed to succeed thanks to detailed instructions.


DIY composting toilet kit: the joy of workmanship

Two skillful hands and fun in realizing DIY projects: That is all you need to assemble our DIY composting toilet kits!

Except for the FancyLoo, all our models are available as high-quality DIY composting toilet kits to build your own composting toilet. This is exactly the right thing for you if you have fun converting your van and would like to try something special for your next project — who can claim to have built a toilet with their own hands?

After assembling your DIY composting toilet, you just have to treat the corpus so it is protected from splash water. Afterwards, you can use it right away!

Easy DIY composting toilet: Make your own composting toilet with our DIY kits

If you do not want to build your DIY composting toilet from scratch or are looking for an easy, but rewarding project, our DIY kits are perfect for you! With them, you can easily make your own DIY composting toilet.
Our kits for DIY composting toilets are also extremely handy: You do not need to drive around to hardware stores to gather your supplies, but have everything you need to build your own composting toilet already at hand. So, you can start immediately! All you need is a hammer. Also, assembling is pretty straightforward as we give you detailed instructions.

FreeLoo: DIY composting toilet parts for making your own composting toilet

If you like to go your own way, you do not need any restrictions when it comes to making your own compost toilet. Therefore, we brought the FreeLoo onto the market: A DIY composting toilet kit that contains only the most important parts of a composting toilet: urine diverter, container, canister and a pattern to cut the wood precisely for the urine diverter. Everything else is up to you and your imagination. This way, you can make a DIY composting toilet that exactly fits your individual needs. 

DIY composting toilet dimensions: exactly the measurements you need

If you are making your own composting toilet from scratch or with the help of our FreeLoo Kit, you can use exactly the dimensions that you need in your RV, camper or tiny house.
If you assemble your DIY composting toilet with one of our other DIY kits, the sizes differ: The composting toilets have the same dimensions as our pre-built models that find space in most campervans, allotments, RVs etc. The smallest DIY composting toilet is the PiccoLoo with 33,70 cm x 38,4 cm x 31,70 cm, the biggest the EasyLoo with 47,80 × 42,20 × 47,00 cm.

DIY Composting toilet for RV and van

With a DIY composting toilet on board of your RV you can tap new potentials in camping as you stay off the grid much longer. Which of our DIY composting toilet kits is best for your RV or van depends on how much space you have and where you want to set it up:
If you want to put your DIY composting toilet into a wet room with a shower, the DIY composting toilet kit for the MiniLoo HYDRO is best suited. If you do not have to worry about space and want to have a compost toilet that is as comfortable as a regular WC, you should consider purchasing the EasyLoo DIY kit. If you have to get along with less space, the MicroLoo DIY composting toilet kit could be right for you.

DIY composting toilet for boats

Whether you have a narrowboat, a widebeam or a sailing boat: Saving space is crucial when living on the water. Therefore, a small and slim DIY composting toilet works best on boats. Our MiniLoo DIY kit is perfect, because once it has been assembled, the MiniLoo has a height of just 44,5 cm and its width of 33,7 cm make it fit into every corner.

DIY composting toilet with fan

The decision whether you need a fan in your DIY composting toilet mainly depends on where you want to put it.
If your DIY composting toilet is located in a room that has a high humidity, you should choose a fan, so that the solids inside your toilet can dry more easily.
Our DIY composting toilet kits for the MiniLoo and EasyLoo come with a fan if you want to. If you want to make your own composting toilet without any kits, you can choose a fan as well: We offer you a 5V fan and 12V fan to implement into your own composting toilet.


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