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HappyLoo composting toilet DIY kit

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HappyLoo composting toilet DIY kit
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HOW-TO: Kildwick HappyLoo

HOW-TO (be) HappyLoo. In our short video, we show you how easy it is to set up your mobile camping toilet. It comes in a practical small pack size and is easy to take anywhere.

User pictures

Our HappyLoo camping toilet can be folded up and stowed away practically
Our HappyLoo camping toilet is your hygienic alternative to foul-smelling rest area toilets
Our HappyLoo composting toilet behind the driver's seat of a camper
Our HappyLoo camping toilet is your companion on your fishing adventure
The HappyLoo is your mobile camping toilet for on the go and is particularly easy to transport
Our HappyLoo camping toilet is stable enough for longer sessions
technical data


- Body: 6mm packing cardboard

- Toilet seat: packing cardboard

- Surface: untreated

- Roll holder: cotton rope

Length 37,00 cm
Width 37,00 cm
Height 43,00 cm

- 100% recyclable

- ideal emergency toilet

- space saving storage

- Loadable up to 120 kg

- light as a feather

- Accessories already included in the set!

Item weight: 2,70  kg

Shipping weight: 3,35 kg

- up.25 uses (liquid)

- up  6 uses (solid)

- foldable up to 10 times

HappyLoo composting toilet DIY kit

HappyLoo — foldable, portable, lightweight and fun

Meet our HappyLoo, your portable composting camping toilet for the road.
Whether camping, hiking, fishing or as a last resort for families with small children.

Conveniently flat when folded, this chemical-free portable toilet is up in a snap.
And sturdy enough for longer sessions...

Why it’s special

By contrast to our regular source separation toilets equipped with separator bowls, our one and only portable dry toilet HappyLoo is designed to collect liquids and solids in one unit.

The portable toilet for camping therefore comes with some special features:

  • In order to avoid unwelcome odors, this portable composting camping toilet comes with two types of litter: 
    • The super absorbent straw pellets to bind urine: 1 liter of straw pellets can bind 4 to 5 liters of liquid.
    • The Miscanthus bedding prevents unpleasant smells from the solids by effectively draining them.
  • The sustainable cardboard base can be set up and folded flat up to 10 times in an instant, no matter when or where!
  • The use does not require any chemicals or water at all.
  • 100% recyclable: after use, all components can be disposed of in the paper garbage can and/or composted in an eco-friendly way – even the compostable solid waste bag with all its contents.
  • Alternative dispisal: If it is permitted to do so, the discarded cardboard base can double as a fire starter for a campfire.

This portable dry toilet provides more than comfort, it adds independence and flexibility to your outdoor adventures. And there are even more reasons to try a HappyLoo.

Suitable for

  • outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds, from anglers to campers to hikers 
  • as a last resort for families with small children
  • longer freeway trips, as an alternative to the smelly and hygienically questionable roadhouse toilets


Although we offer our compostable solids bags and the Miscanthus bedding individually as well, we recommend the dedicated HappyLoo Refill Set once you’ve used up the products included with your portable toilet for camping.

Cleaning and care instructions

Due to its nature, i.e. its cardboard design, the usual source separation toilets cleaning and care instructions do not apply to the HappyLoo.

However, that brings up another piece of advice to keep in mind: 

You should absolutely protect the HappyLoo from any moisture or humidity. Otherwise, the stability and consequently the maximum service life of the portable toilet can be compromised. 

Protection is also needed for moisture coming from the ground, for example, moisture caused by morning dew.

Q & A

Uncertain on how to build and run your new HappyLoo? 

Please find all assembly instructions and further helpful tips in our support section and the FAQ.

And of course, you are very welcome to send your questions via e-mail to

By the way, we’d be delighted to see pictures of your portable composting camping toilet in your van, on your trip or wherever you may take it, so please send them, too!

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Gute und günstige Alternative

Die HappyLoo ist eine gute und günstige Alternative um nicht immer das globige Chemieklo mit auf einen Kurztripp zu nehmen.
Es gibt nur 4 Sterne, da der Inneneunsatz zu klein ist um diesen so einzusetzen wie es auf der ausführlichen Beschreibung beschrieben ist. Um 90 Grad verdreht passt er gerade so, dass alles in & nicht neben die Tüte geht.

Und wenn man das HappyLoo ein wenig modifiziert, dann hält es auch feuchte Untergründe und Umgebung aus.

Schade das es nur die eine Sorte Einstreu im Shop gibt.

Total entries: 1