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Compost toilet system: Immediate independence with our pre-built models

Next to our compost toilet DIY kits, you can also purchase pre-built compost toilet systems at Kildwick. They are locally assembled in Saxony for you and are ideal if you do not have the time or are just not into crafts. Buying a pre-built compost toilet system has the advantage that you can use it immediately: You just have to set it up to become even more independent — in your tiny home, in your RV or in your allotment.


The best compost toilet system: An individual decision 

In your tiny house, in your RV, in VW Busses or in your allotment — where do you want to use your compost toilet system? The best compost toilet system should always be the one that increases your individual independence! Therefore, you should consider a few things before your purchase: How much space do I have? Do I want to move my compost toilet system or shall it stay at a fixed place? How much do I want to spend? Depending on your answers, you will surely find the best compost toilet system for you at Kildwick.

Compost toilet system for Tiny House

In a tiny house, everything needs to have its fixed place — including the toilet. Therefore, you can choose one of our bigger and heavier compost toilet systems: The EasyLoo, our classic, or the FancyLoo, our premium model. The latter comes in two variants: the FancyLoo Capture contains a urine canister that collects the urine, whereas the FancyLoo Divert contains a siphon that gives you the opportunity to divert the urine into an exterior tank or drainage.

Compost toilet systems: developed in UK, evolved in Germany

Originally, Kildwick compost toilet systems were developed in Kildwick, North Yorkshire, UK. After the company had to close down in 2019, the name and their products were sold to a company in Leipzig, Germany. Since then, we evolve the idea of the best compost toilet system and sell our compost toilet systems all over the world — including the UK, of Course.

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