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Composting toilets for tiny houses: ecological, self-sufficient & stylish

Living in a tiny house reflects the desire for an independent, conscious and minimalist lifestyle. Our separating toilets are more than just a practical answer to the spatial challenges - they are a commitment to environmental friendliness and self-sufficiency.

  • Pure self-sufficiency: Our urine-diverting toilets make you independent of water connections and chemical additives. This not only conserves resources, but also allows you to live in the most remote places without having to sacrifice comfort.
  • Sustainable through and through: With the use of environmentally friendly wood veneer and other renewable materials, our toilets not only stand for longevity, but also for a responsible approach to nature.
  • Long emptying intervals, short distances: Our well-designed waste bins offer sufficient volume for extended use, which means you spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying your Tiny House life.
  • Simplicity and efficiency: The ease of use of our urine-diverting toilets makes them a user-friendly alternative to conventional toilets - easy to install, easy to use, easy to love.
  • Hygiene and comfort: The comfort of your home doesn't end with the urine-diverting toilet. Our models are designed to enable hygienic and convenient use without compromising on design.
  • Individual design: Choose from a range of styles and colours to integrate your urine-diverting toilet perfectly into your tiny house. Our designs range from simple and modern to cosy and rustic - to suit your personal taste.

With a separating toilet from Kildwick, you are opting for an environmentally friendly, odour-free and elegant solution that will add character to your tiny house and underline your sustainable lifestyle. They are not only a functional necessity, but also an expression of your commitment to a green planet.

Experience how our separating toilets transform your space while helping you reduce your ecological footprint. Browse our selection and find the perfect urine-diverting toilet to meet your sustainability, style and self-sufficiency needs. With Kildwick, you're not just bringing nature into your home - you're bringing a piece of home into nature.

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