Urine Separator Compact Black

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Urine Separator Compact Black
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Urine Separator Compact Black
69,00 €
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Old price: 99,90 €
technical data


- made from recyclable ABS plastic

- easy to adjust and work with

- 4 mm strong material

Length 25,00 cm
Width 34,50 cm
Height 15,00 cm

- original Kildwick urine diverter

- our best diverting Technology

- solid, high-quality finish

- easy to clean surface

Item weight: 0,36  kg

Shipping weight: 1,06 kg

- wipe regularly with a cloth and a mild detergent

- do not use harsh cleaning products

- fits with 1.5 inch hoses

Urine Separator Compact Black

Simply good: The urine diverter Compact

Our Urine Diverter Compact offers you the basic form of a urine separator. It has an opening in the front area to divert the urine, but no extra opening for the solids. This is what separates the Urine Diverter Compact from our other models.

The black color of the Urine Diverter Compact has a clean and stylish look.  It is also available in white.

The Urine Diverter Compact is perfect for you if you think the opening in the back of our other models is too small and you are looking for a bigger opening. For example, if you want to collect the solids directly in a compost pit, or in a big tank, the Urine Diverter Compact is for you. It works perfectly for DIY composting toilets. If you want to build a toilet that will mainly be used as a urinal, the Urine Diverter Compact is the right choice too.

Assembling the Urine Diverter Compact onto a wooden board is pretty easy. We also send a sawing template so that you can cut the wood to fit. To attach the urine diverter, you can use screws that fasten with a sharp drill with low rotation, or you use an adhesive for vinyl floors from the hardware store. We suggest installing the diverter on top of a wooden board but you can also install it from underneath if you prefer.

Original Kildwick quality Urine Diverters: proven design, new material

Since we took over the former English brand Kildwick and started production here in Leipzig, we have adapted many things to bring our composting toilets to the next level. But the design of the urine diverters stayed exactly the same — because there was simply nothing to improve! The separators are ergonomically designed and easy to use. But, we did change the material used for the urine diverters: Instead of fiberglass we decided to make them out of ABS plastic. This material is as solid as fiberglass but it does not become waste at the end of its lifespan. Instead it can be recycled. Because of this new and improved material cleaning the urine diverter becomes a lot easier.

By improving and updating the design, we have made the proven original more sustainable and easier to use. Kildwick urine diverters offer you the best quality for the best price.

Ergonomically designed for better separating qualities

Our urine diverters were developed by both men and women and designed to be easy to use for everyone. This resulted in an ergonomic design with a high separation bar and a wide opening to drain the urine. So, when you use the toilet, everything goes exactly where intended, into separate containers. All you have to do is to sit down. If you have concerns about sitting in the right position, you can move slightly forwards or backwards. Soon you will notice that using a composting toilet equipped with the Kildwick urine diverter becomes as easy as using a regular toilet.

Made out of solid ABS plastic

All Kildwick urine diverters are made from solid 4 mm thick ABS plastic. This material is very sturdy. It is heat-resistant up to 60° C, shatterproof as well as impact- and tear resistant. This means that the urine separators have a very long life span. If they ever need to be replaced, or are not needed any longer, the plastic can be recycled.

Easy cleaning with the high-gloss surface

The top as well as the bottom side of the urine diverter have a smooth high gloss-surface that makes it difficult for germs and soil to stick. This makes the urine separator easy to clean from all sides and your toilet stays clean and hygienic.

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What differences are there between the urine separators?
First things first: The internal dimensions of the urine separators are the same. The main difference is that the Classic and XL Classic models have a rim at the back and an additional opening for solid waste. This opening extends downwards like a tube and ensures that the solids land safely in the bucket and the inside of the toilet doesn’t get dirty. The Compact separator has no opening for solid waste, only for liquid waste. If you want to use the toilet only as a urinal or if your toilet is very compact, this urine separator is a great choice. The external dimensions of the XL Classic separator are larger than those of the Classic version. Thus, the entire surface is made of hygienic plastic. You can easily cut the XL Classic separator to size using a jigsaw at the lowest speed.
Which glue should I use for attaching the urine separator?
Preferably, use a glue for vinyl flooring or Sikaflex. Sand the underside of the separator and apply the glue with a notched trowel. Let the carrier material glued to the separator dry under pressure for at least 24 hours. It’s vital that the glue dries completely.
Does the urine outlet have a conical shape?
Yes, the urine outlet has a conical shape. It measures 3.7 cm (1.5 in) at the top and 3.4 cm (1.3 in) at the bottom.
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