Mr. Bacteria No. 10 – Bioenzymatic cleaner for the decomposition of grease for siphons, pipes & grease traps

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Mr. Bacteria No. 10 – Bioenzymatic cleaner for the decomposition of grease for siphons, pipes & grease traps
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technical data


- Natural bacterial pipe cleaner

- Without chemicals

- Effective & 100% natural

Length 10,00 cm
Width 10,00 cm
Height 15,00 cm

- Removes blockages in siphons, pipes & grease traps

- Prevents the formation of grease deposits

- Removes odors

Item weight: 0,50  kg

Shipping weight: 1,10 kg

Store Mr. Bactria No. 10 out of reach of children in a dry place in a closed container and at a temperature of 5 to 30°C.

In case of contact with skin or eyes, immediately wash the affected area with water for 10 minutes.

The minimum shelf life (if the storage instructions are observed) is 12 months after opening.

The cleaner is a mixture of non-pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria and nutrients. Therefore, the product is safe for human health – in terms of the criteria established by law.

Mr. Bacteria No. 10 – Bioenzymatic cleaner for the decomposition of grease for siphons, pipes & grease traps

Eliminate grease in waste pipes or grease traps & eliminate unpleasant odors

Are you fed up with smelly, clogged drains and chemical solutions that don't help in the long run and pollute the environment? Then rely on the 100% natural cleaner Mr. Bacteria No.10. The effective mixture of bacteria and enzymes reliably breaks down fats as well as grease deposits in the waste system and in siphons. Moreover, the bioenzymatic cleaner ensures faultless operation of grease traps.

Regular use prevents grease from adhering to the inner walls of the waste pipes. This prevents new deposits of vegetable and animal fatty compounds. You also prevent the fats from hardening and clogging the waste system. While unpleasant odors are normally produced during the decomposition of fats, Mr. Bacteria No. 10 eliminates them completely.

To ensure that the biological cleaning process is not interrupted, you should use the drain cleaner regularly and avoid aggressive disinfectants, acids or Alkalis.

The special

After you put the bacteria and enzymes into the drain, they work their way through the accumulated dirt and spread throughout the drainage system. Thus you get a comprehensive cleaning.

Your advantages of Mr. Bacteria No. 10 at a glance:

  • Eliminates grease in siphons, waste pipes & grease traps
  • Removes odors
  • Reduces the cost of grease waste removal & disposal
  • Prevents clogging of the waste system & prevents the formation of grease deposits
  • Keeps grease traps functioning properly over the long term

How does the bioenzymatic cleaner for siphons, pipes & grease traps work?

While there is already a small amount of bacteria in the waste system that breaks down grease. The more bacteria there are in the pipes, the faster the process goes. With Mr. Bacteria No. 10 you increase the bacteria content by 10 times and thus accelerate the decomposition process considerably. Completely natural – without chemicals.

Instructions for use Mr. Bacteria bioenzymatic cleaner No. 10

Use the practical measuring cup (1 measuring cup = 25 grams) to dose the cleaner. Measure the required amount of Mr. Bacteria bioenzymatic cleaner No. 10 for your clogged siphon, waste pipes or grease trap. Then pour the solution through the traps into the drain pipe. Let the bacteria work undisturbed and do not use the drain for an extended period of time afterwards. So the ideal time would be before you go to bed or before you leave the house. Use the cleaner 1 time per day and use 4 measuring cups per 1 m3 of grease trap volume. This will allow the bioenzymatic cleaner to gradually break down the grease deposits. Repeat the process until you notice a significant improvement in the permeability of the pipe and the function of the grease trap.

To prevent clogging, use the cleaner once a week with 4 measuring cups per 1 m3 grease trap volume.

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