Which type of dry separation toilet suits me best?
Which type of dry separation toilet suits me best?
You're thinking about buying a separation toilet? Great! But there are a lot of different things to thinks about. In this blog post we want to help you find the right one for your needs.

You will not only do something good for the environment - you yourself will be thrilled by the advantages of a separation toilet.

In doing so, you're now asking yourself the one question so many people ask themselves before buying a separation toilet: "Which separation toilet suits best?" The right separation toilet should meet all of your toilet needs. For this purpose, we present to you our separation toilets in comparison. From the FreeLoo separation toilet kit to the fully assembled FancyLoo.

Separating toilet kit or fully assembled?

The first question that arises before buying a separation toilet is: Do I choose a separation toilet kit or do I save some time and work and buy a ready-assembled toilet?

This question is unnecessary for all those who have two left hands. Our kits - from the simple FreeLoo to the largest EasyLoo - can be assembled in no time at all. But you still need to know how to use a hammer and nail. Not to mention the willingness to lend a hand yourself. With that out of the way, let's move on to the next point.

Where will your separation toilet be used?

A separation toilet in the campervan, garden shed, motorhome, in the storage room or everywhere and nowhere. The places where a separation toilet can be used are limitless.

But that's exactly why it's so important for you to find the right separation toilet for your needs. If you travel a lot and always want to have your toilet with you, transporting an Easy or FancyLoo is rather difficult. A mobile camping toilet that can be easily folded and unfolded would be more suitable.

So you understand what is meant by place of use. Then let's not beat around the bush! Here are the different separation toilet advantages - in a nutshell.

Our separation toilets and their advantages in comparison

HappyLoo: Our mobile folding camping toilet set up and dismantled in seconds stowed away with ease and transported from A to B burn the cardboard substitute at the cozy campfire

FreeLoo: Build a composting toilet yourself with maximum flexibility build a separation toilet yourself without a custom body determine the arrangement of the collection containers and the diverter yourself

PiccoLoo: Our smallest camping toilet for car and micro campers ideal in micro campers: VW Caddy, Citroen Berlingo, Dacia Dokker, Ford Transit Courier, Opel Combo, etc. shorter and narrower than the Porta Potti 335, but 4mm higher currently only available as a separation toilet kit

MicroLoo: Perfect for VW T6 Camper with toilet made for VW T5/T6 California ecological alternative to Porta Potti 335 fits the toilet compartment under the sink currently only available as partition toilet kit

MiniLoo: The small, inconspicuous camping toilet without chemicals fits even in narrow niches longer service life than the Picco and MicroLoo also available as „Vanlust“ design

EasyLoo: Especially popular as a garden toilet / compost toilet with bamboo toilet seat for the classic toilet look Collection tank with the largest possible capacity external urine collection possible via siphon

FancyLoo: Our design toilet without water for Tiny House and Co. environmentally friendly toilet solution meets highest design demands absolute eye-catcher with three attractive colors and rounded corners that seamlessly interlock with each other as Capture variant with urine canister or Divert model with hose for draining into an external collection solution (e.g. tank)

Note: Currently only available as a ready-assembled divert toilet And this is how the design could look like:

top left: PiccoLoo © chriscaddy.vanlife, top right: MicroLoo © Inspector Gadget, bottom left: FancyLoo, bottom right: FreeLoo © gartenbaukunst)

To make sure you end up feeling completely comfortable with your decision, there are a few more details you should consider.

What features does your partition toilet need to have?

"But it stinks!" is probably the most common thing we hear when a man or woman is still unsure about buying a separation toilet. We have written a separate article on the subject of odors. You should definitely read it if you share this concern. But here we want to talk about something completely different: The fan. Did you know from the start that you can detect even the smallest odors and that this is a no-go for you? Then a case ventilation is a must-have for you. In this case, make it easy for yourself and buy a model with a fan. (Note: Currently we do not offer all our separation toilets with fan). Both with the separation toilet kit and with the ready-assembled toilet, you will receive an extra housing plate. This already has pre-milled holes for the fan. Or the fan is already installed on your preferred side (left or right in the body). If you decide to buy a case ventilation after your purchase, that's no problem either. Both fans can be easily retrofitted with the help of our instructions. But you can also save yourself the effort... Which brings us to the last point: Two fan variants - with 5 or 12 volts voltage. Here – again - it is important where your separation toilet will be used. The 12V fan can only be used with a 12V power supply. For a separation toilet in a motorhome for example. If you can not set up this connection, the choice automatically falls on the 5V fan. You can charge it at any time at any place by means of a USB plug.

All this now summarized again

We have gone through all the options together that you´ll need to think of before buying a separation toilet:

  1. What needs does your separation toilet has to meet?
  2. Are you handy and up for a DIY project? Based on this, decide whether you want to buy a separation toilet kit or a ready-assembled separation toilet.
  3. Where will your portable toilet be used and what are your needs (frequent transportation, additional seating, limited height, design appearance, etc.)?
  4. Do you need a separation toilet with case ventilation? If so, can you run the fan from a 12V power supply or USB? On which side of the case should the fan be installed (left or right)?

If you consider these points, you will surely find the answer to the question "Which separation toilet suits me?". And if you decide to go for our FreeLoo separation toilet kit, feel free to read our article on how to build a separation toilet yourself.

There we have summarized even more tips, which can be very helpful for your DIY projects. And if all this still hasn't cleared up all your doubts, take a look at our Kild-WIKI and our answers to the most frequently asked questions. Alternatively, we'll be happy to help you by email at hello@kildwick.com or by phone.

Cheers - your Kildwick Team!

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