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B stock article for building a dry separation toilet

In recent years, many products with minor product defects have accumulated with us. With our new B stock clearance sale, we are saving these products from being disposed of! With the clearance sale, you have the opportunity to save money when building a dry composting toilet and at the same time help us protect the environment. Our B stock offering provides the opportunity to make a contribution to sustainability and the circular economy without having to compromise on Kildwick quality. Our products only have minimal cosmetic defects that do not affect functionality, are unused and have the same warranty and delivery time as the regular assortment.

Choose your B stock composting toilet diverter: Classic, Compact or Classic XL

At Kildwick, you have the choice of three B quality urine diverter, all designed for a perfect fit under a standard toilet seat, depending on availability. Our models, Compact, Classic and Classic XL, are ideal for self-building a composting toilet and enable a hygienic separation of solids and urine. Convince yourself of the stable, high-quality workmanship and hygienic high-gloss surface in black or white.

EasyLoo: The convenient way to sustainable water savings

Our EasyLoo is a sustainable composting toilet for convenient water savings. It has a bamboo toilet seat for a comfortable sitting experience and the body is made of the rapidly renewable resource of birch. The composting insert is made of recyclable ABS plastic and is B quality. The EasyLoo is perfect for campers, tiny houses, holiday homes and small gardens and easily integrates into the natural nutrient cycle by disposing of solids and urine diluted 1:10 directly on the compost.

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