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Just say THANKS!

2019-09-17 18:00:00 / Comments 0

A big Thanks, written on a wooden board and signed by the Kildwick Team

Just say THANKS!

Dear Kildwick Fans,

anyone who has ever started their own business might know a thing or two about the sheer amount of work and problems that have come our way in the past weeks and months.

Mostly invisible forces put a lot of obstacles in our way - we had to deal with an incredible amount of legal texts, find the right software, develop strategies and products, look for and test shipping options, and much, much more. Needless to say, our efforts were not always successful on the first attempt.

If you, like us, have the chance to take over a company that is already established, you might also ask yourself the questions: "Can we do it? Can we tie in seamlessly? And will fans continue to be loyal to us?" Doubts about our decisions have spread - sometimes more, sometimes less quietly.

In the past few months we have put in a lot of late nights, analyzed problems and looked for solutions. The next morning, although not well rested, we went back to work with dark circles under our eyes that stretched down to our knees. More than once, we were on the verge of throwing all the dividers and kits into the corner, driving home and closing the door behind us. But our will to do what we truly believe in has motivated us to push on with clenched teeth.

It’s not just our own determination which has kept Kildwick alive. Above all, it was the incredible amount of positive voices that reached us during the rebuilding phase. We received a lot of newsletter subscriptions and just about everyone included a personal note: "Great to hear that you are carrying on!", "Keeping our fingers crossed for you!", "Looking forward to new things!" - just to name a few of the highly motivating feedback messages.

Of course not everything went well when we finally went online on July 22, 2019. Symptoms of technical teething troubles popped to the surface and broke our e-mail system in certain spots. Shop orders did not show up as well as some other not so nice surprises. All of this drove us to some serious sessions of pulling our hair out.

But you, dear Kildwick friends, have been great! So great! We‘ve received so many emails with good wishes from you. You‘ve stayed calm as delays or problems have come up. We are incredibly grateful for that!

We are still receiving requests and suggestions from you every day. That's exactly what we had hoped for: dialogue instead of monologue.

We feel that we have not only taken over a company, but also a large circle of friends, which is growing steadily.

We just want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for your awesome support. Thank you for your encouraging words. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your good wishes. Thank you that you exist!

Your – truly humbled - Kildwick Team