Press review

Known from TV and press

Known from TV and press

Steel Buddies

The HappyLoo is one of the products from the German TV series "Steel Buddies Unboxing: Michael packt aus! (2)" (in German only):

Camper Vans

The German magazine for and camper vans presents our FancyLoo and subjects the MiniLoo to a practical test (in German only):

Matsch & Piste

The off-road and travel magazine from Germany is constantly presenting innovations from Kildwick, including the EasyLoo composting toilet, the Spillguard Kit and the MicroLoo (in German only):

Deutscher Drucker

According to the market-leading trade magazine for the printing industry, the ideal gift for Christmas is the HappyLoo – a perfect example of a useful and environmentally friendly product made of cardboard (in German only):

Express Magazin

The German tabloid publishes details and pictures of the reality show "Dschungelcamp 2021", which show components of the Kildwick MiniLoo as equipment for the Tiny House (in German only):

pro mobil

In a comprehensive market overview of environmentally friendly camping toilets, Europe's largest motorhome magazine compares the EasyLoo, the MiniLoo and the FancyLoo with composting toilets from other suppliers (in German only):

Campermen Podcast

The blog introduces the MiniLoo camping toilet and tells the whole Kildwick story (in Geman only):

Spiegel Online

The wide-ranging news portal praised the HappyLoo in its test as a simple and practical helper for short trips (in German only):