MiniLoo HYDRO composting toilet DIY kit with 12 V fan white

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MiniLoo HYDRO composting toilet DIY kit with 12 V fan white
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MiniLoo HYDRO composting toilet DIY kit with 12 V fan white
479,90 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
Old price: 679,90 €
technical data


- Wooden parts: 9mm Tricoya®, untreated

- Toilet seat: 15mm birch plywood varnished

- partition insert: ABS plastic

- Metal parts: V2A stainless steel

Length 39,70 cm
Width 33,70 cm
Height 45,50 cm

- Absolutely waterproof

- Resistant to mold & fungi

- Partition insert with high gloss finish

- Load capacity toilet seat up to 150 kg

- magnetic toilet seat

- 5 years material warranty!

Item weight: 9,30  kg

Shipping weight: 10,90 kg

- approx. 23 uses (liquid)

- approx. 12 uses (solid)

MiniLoo HYDRO composting toilet DIY kit with 12 V fan white

Not afraid of water: the MiniLoo HYDRO

Anyone who thinks this is a dry subject will be proven wrong. The MiniLoo HYDRO is our first water-proof composting toilet and it is ideally suited for use in wet rooms or outdoors. Moisture doesn’t pose any threat as the body is made of water-resistant MDF. Of course, the solid waste inside the toilet will still dry properly.

Water-resistant material: box made of Medite© Tricoya©

When it comes to the outer box of the MiniLoo HYDRO, we didn’t opt for birch plywood this time. Instead, we chose a unique material called “Medite© Tricoya©”. It is acetylated MDF, i.e. plywood made water-resistant in a chemical process involving acetic acid. The best part is that this process is in no way harmful to the environment.

As a result of the acetylation, the wood loses its natural ability to absorb water. This makes the MinoLoo HYDRO very water-resistant because it can neither swell nor decay. In addition, the chemical process protects it from mold and fungi. We’re so confident in the quality of this toilet that it comes with a five-year warranty.

Despite the acetylation you can paint, varnish or oil the Medite© Tricoya© just like you would with normal wood.  It is only after 50 years that the material begins to decompose naturally — but without releasing any toxic substances such as formaldehyde, of course. 

50% of the energy needed to produce the Medite© Tricoya© comes from renewable sources Moreover, the material is carbon negative over its entire life cycle.

Perfect match for small wetrooms

The MiniLoo HYDRO is inspired by our MiniLoo, which was designed specifically for small rooms where every inch of space counts. The MiniLoo HYDRO, too, is a true space saver. With a size of 39.8 × 33.8 × 46.5 cm (15.7 × 13.3 × 18.3 in) and a weight of 8.9 kg (19.6 lbs), it is only slightly larger and heavier than the MiniLoo. Its water-resistant properties and the four feet allow for water drainage. It is therefore absolutely perfect for wetrooms and showers in campers or tiny houses, as well as for outdoor use in humid climates.

Just like the original MiniLoo, you can use the MiniLoo HYDRO as a stool — either in the shower, in your camper or outside. If you use it in a dry environment, you can also put our seat cushion on it for more comfort.

Take matters into your own hands

Rest assured, assembling the MiniLoo HYDRO is not rocket science. Actually, it’s quite fun. All you need is a little time, a do-it-yourself spirit and a hammer. Everything else is already included in our high-quality DIY kit. The special material is based on MDF, which is as easy to work with as untreated wood. The only thing that differs from our other kits is the type of glue you need. However, you don’t have to worry about that either as it is also part of the kit.

The kit for the MiniLoo HYDRO includes:

  • components for the box made of Medite© Tricoya©
  • Classic XL separator, available in black or white
  • magnetic toilet seat made of birch wood, already varnished
  • set of nails
  • epoxy glue
  • sandpaper (for optimal processing of your DIY kit)
  • set of magnets
  • Lid stop
  • set of feet Kildwick Loo Foot
  • 9.5-liter (2.5 gal.) urine container with lid
  • 9.5-liter (2.5 gal.) solids bucket with lid
  • 12-volt fan set
  • QR code for detailed building instructions

It’s up to you whether you want the 12-volt fan on the right or left side of your composting toilet. The fan helps to remove moisture from the inside of the MiniLoo HYDRO, so that the solids dry more easily and any odors dissipate more quickly. The 12-volt fan is easily connected to the electrical system of your vehicle. It spins 4,500 times per minute and, with a decibel level of just 17.9, it is so quiet that you almost can’t hear it. Even the ticking of a watch is louder. The fan is designed for continuous operation and has a very low power consumption. Use the stainless steel switch to turn it on and off. The LED lighting indicates the operating mode.
The connector ring of the outer stainless steel flange has a standard diameter of 50 mm (2 in), so you can connect a commercially available flexible aluminum pipe or HT pipe to it.

The MiniLoo HYDRO is our only composting toilet kit that you can use directly after assembly. Thanks to the water-resistant properties of its material, the body is already well protected from moist and wet conditions and does not need to be treated. Of course, you can paint, varnish or oil the acetylated MDF if you like. This doesn’t do any damage to the surface.

Magnets for enhanced stability

The urine separator and the toilet seat are attached to the toilet with magnets — a small #revoLOOtion. Extra strong magnets replace the hinges normally found on composting toilets, ensuring a secure hold even on bumpy rides and a high level of hygiene. As you can completely detach the urine separator and the toilet seat from the body of the MiniLoo HYDRO, you can clean every nook and cranny. This way, germs don’t stand a chance. Furthermore, this innovative mounting method prevents rattling and ensures everything stays put. The magnets are firmly screwed to the body of the MiniLoo HYDRO. The galvanized and rust proof metal plates screwed to the bottom of the separator and toilet seat give the construction the necessary stability. Please be careful when you put the toilet seat back on as the magnets are really strong.

Give your bum a break

The MiniLoo HYDRO is truly comfortable to sit on. It has a similar seat height to a standard toilet. The smooth toilet seat is made of varnished birch wood and automatically moves into the right position thanks to the magnets. The lid, too, is always well-positioned. Thanks to the lid stop, it always stops at an angle of 100°.

Dirt stands no chance

Cleaning the MiniLoo HYDRO is a piece of cake. As both the toilet seat and the urine separator are attached to the toilet body with magnets, you can remove both parts easily and clean them thoroughly. There are no hinges, drill holes or germ hideouts.  Both the top and bottom of the separator have a smooth high-gloss finish, which repels dirt and is easy to wipe clean. This, too, guarantees high standards in terms of hygiene.

Easy to empty 

At the front of the MiniLoo HYDRO there is a small cutout so you can easily see how much urine is in the container. It has a capacity of 9.5 liters (2.5 gal.) which means you can use it  about 23 times before having to empty it (2–3 days). The solids bucket, which also has a capacity of 9.5 liters (2.5 gal.), needs to be emptied after about 12 uses (4–6 days). Before you take out the filled containers, remove the urine separator with the spatula attached to the lid. They are taken out from above, which comes in handy in small spaces like campers. 

We recommend that you empty the urine container at least every other day (regardless of the amount of urine it contains) to avoid the formation of smelly ammonia. In addition, the Spillguard Kit is a useful tool to prevent odors. 

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