EasyLoo composting toilet white

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EasyLoo composting toilet white
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EasyLoo composting toilet white
419,00 €
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Old price: 486,80 €
technical data


- Wooden parts: 8mm birch plywood, untreated

- separating insert: ABS plastic

- Metal parts: V2A stainless steel

- Toilet seat: bamboo

Length 47,80 cm
Width 42,20 cm
Height 47,00 cm

- partition insert with high-gloss finish

- high quality and robust workmanship

- load capacity toilet seat up to 120 kg

- Bamboo toilet seat

- pleasant seat comfort

Item weight: 11,10  kg

Shipping weight: 12,70 kg

- approx. 23 uses (liquid)

- approx. 17 uses (solid)

EasyLoo composting toilet white

Saving water has never been easier

The EasyLoo is our classic composting toilet for everyone who wants to be more sustainable and save water in the most convenient way. Because after our FancyLoo, the EasyLoo is our most comfortable composting toilet! It offers the perfect sitting comfort - the seat height is like your standard toilet and it has a beautifully smooth lacquered toilet seat in standard measurements (made from eco-friendly bamboo). It is so comfortable!

We have put a lot of thought and effort into making the EasyLoo as sustainable as possible. We have made the box from birch and the toilet seat from bamboo – two types of wood that grow really fast and make them a more sustainable choice. The urine diverter is made of single-origin ABS plastic that lasts for a very long time and can be recycled at the end of its life.

EasyLoo: The perfect composting toilet for allotment gardens

With its measurements of 47.8 ⋅ 42.2 ⋅ 47 cm (18.8 ⋅ 16.6 ⋅ 18.5 in), the EasyLoo is one of our bigger loos. As it weighs 13.3 kg, we suggest that you put it in a fixed place. So it is best suited for bigger campervans, houseboats, tiny houses and holiday homes. But most of our customers actually like to use it in their allotments, where it ensures even more ease while working in the midst of nature. In the allotment garden the composting toilet becomes integrated as a part of the nutrient cycle. The contents of the solids tank can be disposed of in the compost heap. After approximately two years, it turns into precious humus that can fertilize and strengthen your plants. The collected liquids can be diluted and then used to fertilize some vegetables, flowers or even your lawn.

A solid construction: Your fully assembled EasyLoo

The EasyLoo comes fully assembled. The birch plywood panels are not only joined perfectly, but glued and tacked together as well. This makes the outer box very strong – up to 150 kg. It also has a design that makes sure that the liquids and solids containers will not slip or move around, so that everything stays in place even when you move the box or use it in your campervan or tiny house.

Before using your EasyLoo for the first time you should treat the box on both the inside and the outside to protect the wood from splashes of water. You can use paint, coating or oil to customize your compost toilet to look exactly the way you want it. Think of the birch box as an empty canvas, and use your imagination to create the most beautiful composting toilet in the world.

Cleaning your EasyLoo: pretty easy!

The EasyLoo is not only comfortable to use, but also easy to clean: The high-gloss surface of the urine diverter can be wiped easily, as well as the lacquered surface of the bamboo toilet seat. Further, the inside of the separator is made without any angles or corners where germs could hide.

The disposal interval of the EasyLoo

The EasyLoo has a handy small window through which you can see how full your urine container is. Its capacity is approximately 23 uses. Nevertheless, we suggest emptying your urine container every 1–2 days, no matter how full it is. This prevents odors. As an additional odor seal, you can use our Spillguard Kit.

If you want to have a more flexible disposal interval, you can install a separate drainage solution like an exterior container or drainage, and a siphon to the urine diverter of your EasyLoo.

The solids tank should be emptied after approximately 17 uses. As the tank and the urine container have a bigger capacity, the EasyLoo is the perfect size to be used by several people.

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