PiccoLoo composting toilet white

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PiccoLoo composting toilet white
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PiccoLoo composting toilet white
569,90 €
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technical data


- Wooden parts: 8mm birch plywood, untreated

- Toilet seat: 15mm birch plywood varnished

- partition insert: ABS plastic

- Metal parts: V2A stainless steel

Length 38,40 cm
Width 33,70 cm
Height 31,70 cm

- separator insert with high-gloss finish

- high quality and robust finish

- load capacity toilet seat up to 150 kg

- ideal for micro campers

- magnetic toilet seat

- No spillguard possible!

Item weight: 7,30  kg

Shipping weight: 8,60 kg

- approx. 12 uses (liquid)

- approx. 7 uses (solid)

PiccoLoo composting toilet white

PiccoLoo: Minimum size for maximum freedom

We want our composting toilets to cater to every need. Therefore, we always listen to the  feedback and ideas of our customers to further develop our products. The PiccoLoo is the example of this, since the idea is based of the feedback of one of our customers.

Two campers were looking for a composting toilet that would fit under the BiberBox of their VW Caddy. Our MicroLoo was 2 cm (0.8 in) too high, so we decided to develop an even smaller camping toilet - the PiccoLoo.

You’ll always find a spot to fit our smallest composting toilet. With a size of 38.4 × 33.7 × 31.7 cm (15.1 × 13.3 × 12.5 in) and a weight of just 7.95 kg (17.5 lbs) it will fit in small corners or even in the trunk.

This makes the PiccoLoo the perfect solution for micro campers. It gives you more independence while elevating your car camping experience to new heights. Off you go!

Spillguard Plug instead of Spillguard Kit

However, there is one sacrifice we had to make along the way. Due to the reduced height, the Spillguard Kit (which helps prevent odors and leakage) does not fit between the separator and the urine container.

If you wish, you can use the Spillguard Plug instead for the PiccoLoo. It also stops odors from escaping from the urine container.  Once you know where you want to place your composting toilet, measure the exact size of the spot. If it is high enough, we recommend that you choose the MicroLoo, as you can use the Spillguard Kit with this model.

However, emptying the urine container regularly is the best way to avoid bad smells. We recommend that you empty it at least every other day. This is especially important when it’s warm outside.

Double function as a stool

The MiniLoo, which is also a true space saver, served as an inspiration when we worked out the look and exact details of the PiccoLoo.   Close its lid to use it as a stool just like the MiniLoo. No one would guess that they’re actually sitting on a toilet! Use our soft seat cushion to make your additional seat even more comfortable.

Fully assembled and (almost) ready to go

Your fully assembled PiccoLoo is really stable and well-crafted. Its high-precision laser-cut components are not only joined together, but also glued and nailed. Thus, the PiccoLoo can support up to 150 kg (330 lbs).

We also carefully planned how things are arranged inside the toilet. Since the containers have a very compact shape and the separator is attached with strong magnets, everything is locked in place and there is no rattling — even if you travel over rough roads.

However, you shouldn’t use your PiccoLoo immediately after unpacking it. This is because the wood of the body is still untreated. We recommend that you paint, varnish or oil it on the inside and outside to protect the wood and extend the life of your composting toilet. This is also a great opportunity to get creative and to let it shine in a color of your choice.

Magnets for enhanced stability

The urine separator and the toilet seat are attached to the toilet with magnets — a small #revoLOOtion. Extra strong magnets replace the hinges normally found on composting toilets, ensuring a secure hold even on bumpy rides and a high level of hygiene. As you can completely detach the urine separator and the toilet seat from the body of the PiccoLoo, you can clean every nook and cranny. This way, germs don’t stand a chance. Even better, this innovative mounting method prevents rattling and ensures everything stays put.
The magnets are firmly screwed to the body of the PiccoLoo. The galvanized and rust proof metal plates screwed to the bottom of the separator and toilet seat give the construction the necessary stability. Please be careful as the magnets are really strong.

Comfortable to use and easy to clean

With a seat height of 30 cm (11.8 in), the PiccoLoo is much lower than a standard toilet. Nevertheless, it is very comfortable to sit on. You will bend your knees more generously when using it and thus find yourself in a natural squatting position — which is perfect for going number 2.
Other camping toilets often don’t even have a toilet seat, but we wanted you to sit as comfortably on the PiccoLoo as possible. Its toilet seat is made of stable birch multiplex, and it is also  handmade and automatically moves into the right position thanks to the magnets. 

Moreover, keeping the toilet clean is a piece of cake. As both the toilet seat and the urine separator are attached to the toilet body with magnets, you can remove both parts easily and clean them thoroughly. There are no hinges, drill holes or germ hideouts. 
Both the top and bottom of the separator have a smooth high-gloss finish, which repels dirt and is easy to wipe clean. This, too, guarantees high standards in terms of hygiene.

More independent on the go: 3-day emptying interval

Use the spatula attached to the lid of the PiccoLoo to remove the urine separator. Then you can take out the containers. They are removed from above, which comes in handy in small spaces. 

At the front of the PiccoLoo, there is a small cutout so you can easily see how much urine the 5-liter (1.3 gal.) container contains. Usually, you can use the toilet to pee about 12 times before you need to empty it. When it comes to the 5.5-liter (1.5 gal.) solids bucket, you can use it up to 7 times. This means that two people can travel independently for about three days. 

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Then you can find here our kits with canisters and without housing.

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