DIY Compost Toilets

Sustainable dry composting toilet system- self installation

free time, vacation, travel, hobby? Who likes to think about everyday life during that? But even in the garden, while camping or traveling, one cannot put off one's own needs indefinitely. The secret "walk" to the bushes and polluting, stinky chemical toilets are no longer necessary. Because now you can count on the hygienic and environmentally conscious comfort of a composting toilet.
Our individual kits for self-installation are an absolutely clean thing, because you don´t need water supply or sewerage. And furthermore you become a producer of valuable humus and fertilizer at the same time. Whether as a camping toilet for the motorhome or as a garden cloak in the green - the sophisticated separation system of our dry toilets works out perfectly everywhere and at the same time protects the environment.

Easy upcycling
Composting toilets with added value

Dry composting toilets from Kildwick use an impressively simple principle: they use a clever separator to divide the small from the big business, or more precisely: the urine from the faeces. This prevents rot and odour. Our compost toilets also recycle human waste into valuable gardening material. Some even call it upcycling, because nutrient-rich compost and liquid fertilizer never get old. The term "Human Resources" gets a whole new meaning :-)
And to make sure that everything really lands in the right container, men, women, children, guests and the curious: Please pee while sitting and then fold down the toilet lid. So Kildwick becomes even more fun.

The advantages of our compost toilets for self-construction at a glance:

  • Individually installable everywhere
  • sustainable system without water requirement
  • neither connections nor drains necessary
  • just as comfortable and hygienic as conventional toilets
  • odorless by feces separation and natural litter
  • free compost and fertilizer production

Enough space - even in the smallest corner

At the campsite, in the garden or on the boat. The space for a quiet place is often limited and our finished composting toilets will not fit into every niche.
That's why we invented our kits. Whether you want to equip your van or an existing toilet in the garden with a sustainable dry composting toilet, with our DIY set you are exceptionally flexible. Because the kit "Compost toilet without housing" includes the robust separator, a toilet seat, the required containers and associated parts. Totally variable and amazingly easy, you can perfectly adapt our dry composting toilet system to your conditions in the motorhome, caravan, boat, garden toilet or Tiny House and install it permanently.
For a simple and individual conversion to our proven separate toilet system, we also offer the urine separator which inserts individually into different versions. The divider is designed for men, women and children and achieves amazing results. Conclusion: 1:0 for Kildwick.

Free standing or built-in?
With our kits you have the choice

The Kildwick kits with the boxes "EasyLoo DIY Kit" and "EasyLoo without casing" contain all parts for practical self-construction of a freestanding dry composting toilet. The kits are available in two different versions, both are thoughtfully crafted.
And once you're there, you can design your new compost toilet just the way you want it. Coloured? Creative design? The best ideas come to you while sitting on the toilet anyway - everything is allowed.

An all-round clean thing
Hygiene and cleaning of your dry composting toilet

We can assure you from our experience that you will notice no difference between a conventional toilet and a composting toilet. Usual comfort, no unpleasant odors.
The unpopular cleaning of the toilet is even reduced. It is best to use our smart organic red beet cleaner for the cleaning process. The robust tanks barely have corners and edges that allow bacteria to settle and are easy to clean. From time to time, you can also clean them with a garden hose or use our beeta ecological cleaner. Basically, all parts can be removed individually in no time and are very easy to clean. Clean thing, right?
Conservation of resources and nature are often amazingly easy. With our sustainable and environmentally friendly composting toilets you are already contributing!
If you have any further questions about our products or the possible applications, you are welcome to contact us at any time.We would be more than happy to help you.