Compost Toilets

Kildwick composting toilets - our complete sets

Ecological, connection-free, mobile

Summer, sun, no worries! Whether you like relaxing in your backyard or exploring the world with your camper, at some point you´ll look out for toilet satisfaction. Good that you´re on the safe side with our Kildwick composting toilets. Forget the times when you had to disappear in the bushes or have to fall back on environmentally harmful chemical toilets. These days are gone. Luckily!
Our complete kits for separating toilets ensure that you enjoy your stay in nature and your freedom with absolutely no worries and the same level of hygienic comfort as at home - even without a water or wastewater connection. In terms of the environment, Kildwick scores even threefold: no waste of water, no chemicals, but sustainable recycling of urine and faeces. Because the "legacy" can be used as fertilizer thanks to our clever separation system into solids and liquids. Smart, right?

Sustainability everywhere

Our separating toilets impress everywhere

Dry toilets are ecological, sustainable and do not consume water. In addition, they can be used in extremely flexible ways. Whether on the move or for (a second) residence: our composting toilets are impressive, for example, in camper vans or caravans, on the boat, in a weekend house or garden, in a low energy house, in a tiny house or in your mobile home. And if you want to take a sustainable step, Kildwick composting toilets can also be used in a normal rental apartment or in your own home. This makes a great contribution to environmental protection.
The advantages of composting toilets at a glance:
- ecological and sustainable: saves water and chemicals
- clean stuff: absolutely hygienic and comfortable
- does not stink: no rotting process thanks to the separation system
- easy to dispose of or compostable
- self-sufficient use: no drains or connections necessary

Separate ways

Ecological recycling with dry composting toilets

Thanks to the smart separating system, when using the composting toilet, the waste is separated and collected in two different containers. The 100 percent biodegradable bag for faeces can be disposed of hygienically and in a few simple steps, as well as the reusable canister for urine.
In the garden, the solid waste of your dry composting toilet can be put on the compost heap and turned into nutrient-rich humus. (Alternatively, it can of course also be disposed of with household waste.) And urine, diluted with water, is an excellent organic fertilizer for your garden beds.
Since the beginning of mankind, fertilizers have been used to improve the nutrition of fields. Through this replacement, nature gets back important nutrients and a vital, ecological cycle is closed.

A pleasure for every nose

Toilets without toilet smell

The unpleasant odour of the toilet, which is occasionally observed in quiet places, arises when urine comes into contact with excretions of the intestine, also known as faeces. By mixing the solids with urine, the decomposition process is accelerated, that is, more bacteria are involved, ammonia and the typical pungent smell.
What could be more natural than to separate the two substances? No problem thanks to the smart Kildwick separation system for composting toilets: urine in the front of the canister, droppings in the back of the compostable bag. The ultimate odour solution with little effort. Furthermore, the addition of Miscanthus litter provides a pleasant smell, it binds excess moisture and thereby accelerates the composting process.

Kildwick - clean business

Simple to order, even easier to set up

Kildwick composting toilet complete sets are pre-assembled and ready to use. Their housing is made of robust wood, which is protected from moisture and sealed with a special lacquer. For your comfort, the complete set includes a pair of toilet goggles, plus the proven Kildwick divider, a solids container, and a canister for the liquid and water. Optionally, with the option "Divert", the urine can also be diverted through an external tube. A fan system (available as an option) also ensures fresh air in your dry composting toilet.
Kildwick composting toilets are a completely clean business - for you and our environment! If you have any further questions about our products and capabilities, feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help you out.